Archive your data in an online database

Contributing your radiocarbon data to a publicly accessible database is a great way to give back to the scientific community while increasing the visibility of your work. Several options are currently available.

Soil organic carbon working group logo

The International Soil Radiocarbon Database is specially designed for housing soil radiocarbon data and soil fraction data. Download the data template and contribute your soil radiocarbon data. For those who work with R, install the latest version of the data visualization package and explore the database.

International Soil Carbon Network logo

The International Soil Carbon Network (ISCN). This database is dedicated to compilation of soil carbon data along with other soil physiochemical properties, and can currently accept radiocarbon data. The adaptable ISCN template is ideal for small or large datasets and is close to being able to ingest soil fraction data. 

ISRIC logo

ISRIC World Soil Information. Does not currently include radiocarbon data, but is ideal for larger soil datasets. A standardized template is available for datasets comprising <50 soil profiles. For larger datasets, they encourage contributors to contact an ISRIC staff member. 

USDA Ag Data commons logog

USDA National Agricultural Library's Ag Data Commons: This repository only accepts data from USDA-funded projects, but accepts datasets in a wide variety of formats.

Check back for updates. Several radiocarbon-inclusive databases are currently in development and will become available soon.